What has COMPO EXPERT Hellas got to do with ORGANIC AGRICULTURE?

What has COMPO EXPERT Hellas got to do with ORGANIC AGRICULTURE?
The answer is easy. COMPO EXPERT Hellas is the first company in Greece to offer a COMPLETE RANGE (start to end) of nutritional products for Organic Agriculture. A series of trials such as those of kiwi cultivation in Greece gave excellent results so far!
As COMPO EXPERT worldwide we understand the needs of modern Agriculture and the concerns of the consumer since we have adopted the Food Chain approach.
The high yield that leads to viability of the farmers and at the same time the production of safe food for the consumer is a one way and starts from the field. All the technologies of COMPO EXPERT such as Floranid®, NovaTec®, Basacote®, Nexur®, Easy Start®, Duratec® etc have been built on this philosophy until today.
In Greece the local agritechnicians identified a serious problem – lack or low content – of organic matter in soil around Greece, so they took the initiative to introduce in the Greek market a comprehensive range of products that contribute to soil health and continue to build strong plants.
TERRAPLUS® ΒΙΟ – This is the name of the series, with a clear definition of the soil health (terra) where the crops are grown and the products that are available today in the Greek market are:
o TerraPlus® Nature 8-2-2
o TerraPlus® Nature 4-18
o Terraplus® Nature 4-4-12
o TerraPlus® Solub K
o TerraPlus® fluid
Note that TerraPlus® Solub products are the first in their class worldwide as they are the FIRST water-soluble biological fertilizers-biostimulants.
All products, in addition to their high standards, they claim also an official Certification for Organic Agriculture.