COMPO EXPERT Benelux visits Wijndomein Ravenstein Wine Estate to test Basfoliar® Kelp in the vineyard.

Dirk Talpe & Patricia Lenoir, the founders of Wijndomein Ravenstein (Wine Estate) in Belgium have a motto “95% of the quality of wines is realized on the vineyard.”
In their continual improvement philosophy they are searching for
– A good plant growth
– A good fruit truss, which ripens equally.
– A fruit with high content in sugars.
So they turned to COMPO EXPERT Benelux where Noortje Plinke CE Technical & Commercial advisor set a trial in the vineyards on 3 main varieties. Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Acolon.
The trial was done in 2020 crop season with Basfoliar® Kelp in the following doses.
• 0.3% at the start of flowering
• 0.3% at the end of flowering (12 days in between 1st and 2nd application)
• 0.5 % when grapes were 2 – 3 mm
• 0.5% grapes – size of pea
• 0.5% at the beginning of colouring
Have a look at the video about the results and the impressions of Dirk and Patricia.
We couldn’t agree more than “it is the viticulture that is the determining factor for quality wines!!!”