Madrid,Spain October 24, 2018

One year ago, our company decided to make a very Strategic Decision. This decision was to switch from a product centric company to a “Crop Centric Company” and based on this decision I decided to form a group in the company consisted by Regional Directors, Crop Managers and also by External Partners, some experts about crops and this group is called “Keys My Crops”.

This group is sponsored by the 4 biggest countries of our company (Greece, Italy, Spain and France) but in a year from now all the other European and African countries will follow.

The idea for this group is to try to share crop knowledge, to replicate success stories, to learn from mistakes and failures and to exchange information about best practices among countries, also to discuss and analyze different distribution models from real experts, not with academic background, but with a background that it’s related with crop knowledge and knowing the crops and its difficulties.

The Fruit Attraction Exhibition 2018 is the place where the “Keys My Crops” platform has been officially launched.We have backed up the whole concept in an advanced social platform consisted initially of the four sponsors-countries but soon enough it will include other countries as well and the Fruit Attraction is the first primary goal to spread this concept between us.

The second step of “Keys My Crops” incubator will be the e-learning, in order to enhance the knowledge between our company, our managers, our employees and also our associates, partners and farmers. This way we want to increase the crop knowledge, through this platform and this group (this is my next goal).

I’m also, going to initiate this “Keys My Crops” project the next year in the social media and I target on creating an e-magazine or a newsletter where we will share stories about us (COMPO EXPERT) and also we will promote the good work from our external partners within our organization. This is my next goal and I’m very proud that I was the initiator of “Keys My Crops” project in our company at the global scale.