Madrid,Spain October 24, 2018

As you know, We as COMPO EXPERT, have decided to become a more CROP CENTRIC and customer oriented company. And on our move towards coming closer to our end- customer we have decided to become a more crop centric company and what makes me feel very good is when I’m seeing that we’re moving forward through this approach.

We have now developed Crop Managers in Europe and other regions. People are exchanging their experiences very well. We’re coming up with new crop and nutrition programs, new marketing programs and overall this makes me very happy and I am a strong believer that we are on the right path to accomplishing our goal.

We are a company on the move, we have strong targets and with this new crop approach I think we will distinguish from our competition and we would become even more successful than we are today.

One of the tools we have created is the “Keys My Crops” Project where we are combining International Experts, developing new Concepts for the markets and especially for our end-users and we will share all of this newly gained knowledge within the company.

And I believe this will be a strong tool also to follow our knowledge management approach. By this “Keys My Crops” approach we will differentiate our company clearly from the competition and on the other hand we will bring the organization to a completely new level and this will be a new Value Proposition for COMPO EXPERT and our new investors.