Unlike agricultural crops, leafy vegetables are harvested at a midpoint of vegetative growth.
Therefore, plant nutrition (fertilization) must be adequate and at a precise time to meet the demands for nutrients.
As most vegetables are sensitive to chloride, fertilizers with a low chloride content (below 2 % chloride) should be used.
Nearly the complete portfolio of COMPO EXPERT has a very low content of chloride.
During this period of time the following guide of COMPO EXPERT products is strongly recommended:
Biostimulant with high concentration of amino acids such as Basfoliar® Avant Natur SL 3lit/Ha – 2 times (https://www.compo-expert.com/pro…/basfoliar-avant-natur-sl)
Concentrated magnesium fertilizer as suspension with 15 % magnesium oxide and 20 % calcium oxide for the preventive and curative treatment such as Basfoliar® Ca Mg flo 1lit/Ha – 2 times (https://www.compo-expert.com/products/basfoliar-camg-flo)
NPK fertilizer solution with natural amino acids, humic & fulvic acids, promoting root growth, nutrient uptake such as Kamasol® black + TerraPlus® fluid 50lit /Ha / month – 3 or 4 times/month (https://www.compo-expert.com/products/terraplus-fluid-2-4-6)
Liquid foliar calcium-nitrogen fertilizer (calcium nitrate) with trace elements such as Basfoliar® Combi-Stipp 20 lit/ Ha – 3 or 4 times (https://www.compo-expert.com/prod…/basfoliar-combistipp-sl)