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Food quality starts in the field BUT the soil requires a regular maintenance of its fertility.

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Naturally, soil comprises of very fine rocks, different types of minerals, and organic matter due to the decomposition of the biological species. The proper tillage/tilth is supported by sand, minerals, and organic matter but these do not help in supporting and maintaining adequate amounts of food for the plant required for its nourishment and growth.

At the time of plant growth, essential nutrients are required by the plants for its unimpeded growth. Incorporating fertilizers into the soil guarantees that the plants is getting proper nutrition during its development. Just as humans need essential minerals and nutrients for strong, healthy growth, so do the crops. Ferlilization is intimately connected with agricultural productivity and food production.

So how to start in the leafy greens? The EXPERTS of COMPO EPXERT suggest:

NovaTec® classic

It is a granulated sulfate-based NPK fertilizer, with magnesium and micronutrients, in addition with the nitrification inhibitor DMPP, extending the transformation of ammonia Nitrogen [NH 4 +] to nitric Nitrogen [NO 3 -]. Provides greater efficiency in the application of nitrogen, allowing an increased absorption of phosphorus and micronutrients

Pre-sowing dose: 250 -350 kg / ha.


NovaTec® solub BS Rhizo

It is a high phosphorus NP fertilizer with the nitrification inhibitor

DMPP (NET Technology) and Biological Support incorporation of bacteria P.G. P. R. (Plant Growh Promoting Rhizobacteria) beneficial species for the crops of Pseudomonas and Bacillus.

Dose: 60-100 kg / ha during the first month of the cultivation