“Success Stories in AgriFood” – Part II


That means success is a situation in which the two partners are by definition understood to be essential. This is excactly the situation between “Haza del Fresno” & CompoExpert Spain

In our series of “Success Stories in AgriFood”, we are happy to present the story of the brand HAZA DEL FRESNO. Watch the view of their people:


KMC TV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWtoF3ubU8g


#SuccessStoriesinAgriFood  – PART II

Haza del Fresno (https://hazadelfresno.com/) :

“For us in Haza del Fresno, quality comes first.

And that’s why we choose lifetime partners.

As a pioneer and leader in the agricultural market, COMPO EXPERT offers a wide range of products that allow us to maintain a complete and eco-friendly production.

In our olive groves  we use the TerraPlus® Natura series (https://www.compo-expert.com/product-…), a dry and granular fertilizer that makes the spreading easier.

Thanks to its high content in organic matter and its low carbon-nitrogen ration it has a fast and potent effect in the field.

In addition, it is free of heavy metals.

I would like to address that collaborating with COMPO EXPERT Spain gives us a peace of mind, simply knowing that our efforts will be compensated.

That’s why COMPO EXPERT products’s quality combined with our hard work and tradition guarantees the superior quality of HAZA DEL FRESNO’s olive oil”.