APPLE FRUITS – HOW TO ACHIEVE UNIFORM DEEP RED COLOR – The case of Bialski Owoc Sp z o.o. in Poland

APPLE FRUITS – HOW TO ACHIEVE A UNIFORM DEEP RED COLOR – The case of Bialski Owoc Sp z o.o. in Poland
“…The quality expectations for apples are on the rise. The expectations of the traders as well as the consumers are higher year by year. We need to keep up with this trend and meet our clients’ and end consumers’ expectations. The extent of color development must be excellent. As in the south of Europe and elsewhere in the world, Poland’s apples will need to be fully red or green. Soon, we won’t have the two-colored apples that we’re used to in Europe. The trend is evolving. Apples need to be fully colored or green…”. This is what the CEO of Bialski Owoc Sp z o.o. is looking for from the growers.
“The good, uniform, deep color starts from the field” states Mrs Małgorzata Krawczyk, Sales &Crop Manager Horticulture, of COMPO EXPERT Polska and expert on Apple crop and she has a lot of products to suggest towards this direction such as
– Basfoliar® Avant Natur
– Basfoliar® Combi Stipp
– Basfoliar® Colour.
These products are applied to Mr. Krzysztof Furmański’s orchard, located in the town of Nowy Chodnów near Biała Rawska (Grójec region) in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Poland.
The orchard covers more than 70 hectares. The major apple variety is Gala. It accounts for 22 hectares. Then come Prince, Golden, a bit of Ligol, Najdared, and 9 hectares of pear.
Pay attention to the application in order to understand how to gain a homogenous, deep red color!!!