Strawberry crop out of season project in Greece – total nutrition guide

In this video from the “K2MC” strawberry roads project, we are going to learn about a success story in Greece. Tasos Lontos(TL), COMPO EXPERT Hellas’ agronomist, and Spylios Kontis(SK), the producer, are going to talk about the details of the project
TL: My name is Tasos Lontos and we are in Kertezi, Kalavryta, Greece Kertezi is a village outside Kalavryta at an altitude of about 800 m. We are here to present a special project.
SK: Behind me, you can see the result of a venture to grow strawberries… out of season, since it’s usually a summer fruit… in an effort to meet the demands of the market.
TL: With this project, COMPO EXPERT officially addresses consumers.
SK: This year, we are working together with COMPO EXPERT. COMPO EXPERT has taken over the fertilization program entirely.
TL: COMPO EXPERT is involved in the processes of basic fertilization… nutrition and post-harvest nutrition. COMPO EXPERT has been by the producers’ side throughout all of these. We’ve been monitoring crops almost on a monthly basis.
SK: We set out with the cultivation of strawberries in mid-March… and the process is completed in mid-December. We use the entire range of COMPO EXPERT’s water-soluble fertilizers. We use COMPO EXPERT ‘S biostimulants, that is SK.
TL: We initiated basic fertilization with Blaukorn® Triplo, we then applied Complezal® Black… after that, we applied TerraPlus® Fluid, for optimum plant growth and finally applied our water-soluble fertilizers from the root up.
SK: All the strawberries we grow here are pesticide-free thanks to the area’s advantageous pest-free environment. This year, with COMPO EXPERT’s support we trust that we shall provide Greek consumers with a completely safe and wholesome product.