Spain’s Strawberry Production: Tips and Advice from Keys 2 My Crops

Unveiling the Secrets of Strawberries with Keys 2 My Crops Strawberry Roads Project.
Join us on a journey through the world of strawberry cultivation. Today, we explore the rigorous quality standards that strawberries must meet for international exportation. We visited Spain and sat down with Toni Perez, technical manager of “La Redondela”, to gain valuable insights into selecting the finest varieties and ensuring impeccable taste, appearance, and chemical purity.
From harmonious tones to flawless skins, La Redondela’s strawberries meet the demands of discerning consumers worldwide. They prioritize uniformity in color and size, exceeding minimum Brix degree standards for optimal sweetness. Each berry undergoes thorough inspection to maintain an impeccable exterior, free from imperfections, diseases, and pests. They also guarantee chemical purity, ensuring their strawberries are free from any residues of pesticides or fertilizers.
Join us as we unlock the secrets of successful strawberry cultivation and share insights from Europe, Middle East & Africa. Stay tuned for tips, advice, and fascinating stories from the vibrant world of strawberries!