Panos Chamakiotis – “DEEP DIVE INTERVIEWS” series by KMCTV – 1st Episode

The first episode of the DEEP DIVE INTERVIEWS series (KMCTV) hosts Mr. Panos Chamakiotis , Regional Director EMEA of COMPO EXPERT Group where in 25 minutes he shared his experiences and insights on various topics of hot interest in fertilisers and agribusiness sector.
The 10 questions asked:
1.Agriculture or AgriFood?
2.Similarities and Differences between the fertilisers sector and Food Chain Sector?
3.How covid-19 pandemic will influence the agriculture/agrifood sector?
4. How the Scientists of COMPO EXPERT will influence the future of agriculture/agrifood?
5. What innovations will be adapted by the market in agriculture/agrifood sector the next 3 years?
6.Back In 2016 you participated in a panel about the women entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship. What are your thoughts on Agri-Preneurship (entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector) today?
7. What about the role of young generation of Agronomists?
8. Startup ecosystem around agriculture.What will be their role in the enttrepreneurial community?
9. How important is the Culture Understanding in such a global organization?
10. What will be the role of Keys My Crops powered by COMPO Expert project in the forthcoming years?