Keys 2 My Crops = we give our “keys of knowledge and experience” to the whole chain of high-quality crops and food.

COMPO EXPERT stands not only for high-quality fertilizers that help the crops to achieve their maximum potential.
It’s more than this.
It is about understanding the “language” and the needs of the plants and providing NUTRITIONAL programs to the crop specialists as well as to the progressive growers by using top quality fertilizer products in order to help them to achieve sustainability in their production and the financial results as well. So many years of in-depth knowledge and experience have been acquired throughout many crops around the world.
At the same time, too much knowledge has been acquired and accumulated by the best players in the food chain.
The Management of COMPO EXPERT realized that the “secret of success in the future” is laid to the connection and interaction of the knowledge and experience among the players of the whole food chain (farmers, experts, technicians, dealers, buyers, retailers, final consumer).
That was the reason to power the International (Intercultural) Project named “Keys 2 my Crops”!