Invelop® White Protect against heat stress in Lemon orchards in Turkey

Şükrü KOLUKISA Şükrü Kolukısa of COMPO EXPERT Turkey just reported that the results of Invelop® White Protect applications in Lemon trees last summer against heat stress are quite positive today.
Due to climate change (climate transition) last summer many countries in the Mediterranean region suffered from high temperatures that generated stress to the lemon trees
A farmer in Adana, Turkey applied in his Lemon trees orchard (variety Küt diken/Yediveren) the Invelop® White Protect product of COMPO EXPERT to help the trees to overcome the heat stress. The applications started back in 18.05.2021 with an application dose of 2,5 Kg/Ha
The results today are reported as encouraging.
According to the farmer and his Technical Advisor, Invelop® White Protect is quite efficient on heat stress.
More info about Invelop® White Protect here