New, scientist with an appetite to apply the practices required by modern agriculture by Michalis Katsiouras, an agronomist who maintains with G. Patsiouvouras an Agricultural Supplies store at Tyrnavos, Larissa. He is also the heir of a world-famous product, known as the tsipouro Tirnavos. He is the one with whom we worked on the vine that produces the famous tsipouro. The Moschato Hamburg variety or Moschato Tirnavos variety. Michalis realizes that NUTRITION is a key factor that gives the final product the characteristics that the market wants.Together we are looking for the best combination of COMPO EXERT products required. This is not a simple job. It requires a company that continually improves its proposals. Requires COMPO EXERT Hellas. As a PGI product, TSIPOURO TYRNAVOU was patented in 1989. The peculiarity was that only Tyrnavos, the city of Tirnavos, was registered, while larger regions or Regions were usually registered.So strong was the name of the area that led the state to this decision. The commitment that exists is the production and bottling plant in Tyrnavos. But that until today. Why are EU requirements now increasing in terms of local production of the product!The Vineyard Program in Tyrnavos is a #Nutribor product offer Water soluble fertilizer mixture of trace elements with boron, manganese, molybdenum as well as magnesium nitrate and sulfur.Recommended for foliar application mainly.Composition: 8.0% boron (B), 6.0% total nitrogen, 5.0% magnesium oxide (MgO), 1.0% manganese (Mn), 0.04 molybdenum (Mo) 1% zinc (Zn) *, 12% sulfur (S).