INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on FOOTBALL PITCH MANAGEMENT in Athens, Greece organized last November by Super league greece, the highest professional association football league in Greece.
COMPO EXPERT Hellas was the main sponsor of this event
Systematic monitoring of the playing surfaces, long-term recording of all data (sunshine, frost, temperature fluctuations, frequency of use of the turf, varieties of turf per season, etc.), scientific evaluation, know-how and experience in playing fields by the specialized staff of Super League Football Clubs and their partners, adaptation to the climatic conditions of each region, saving water and energy, prevention and treatment of diseases, are just some of the conclusions at the two-day International Conference on the management of playing surfaces, held in Athens on November 28 and 29, 2022.
Presentations by the speakers Marcela Munoz, Niall MacPhee, Ian Craig, Xavi Tordera Font, Andre Wolbrink, Oliver Deeming, Ben Corby, Carlos Venegas Gamero, Matthew Le Brun, Adam Witchell on the latest technologies applied to sports turf, regular maintenance, and sustainable management, with particular emphasis on the management of warm-season playing surfaces were among the subjects tackled at the Conference.
All the parameters of the proper management of the competition venues, as reflected in the positions of all the speakers, are the rich legacy of the Conference by clicking here…/o-apologismos-kai-oi…/