How to REDUCE the “COULURE” Effect in the FLOWERING STAGE of VINEPLANTS? – the French experience

The intensity of “coulure” dropped from 41,2% to 35,2%. How? Read the text below!
Resources (energy, proteins, etc.) are limited. There is a competition between the leaves and the berries for the resources produced by the vine plant. In the critical phase of vegetative development, there is a preferential allocation of these resources to the leaves to the detriment of the berries. The “coulure” causes the fall of the young berries after fertilization because of the bad distribution of resources.
Thibault Poisot of Compo Expert France reports that back in 2019 the Basfoliar® Avant Natur and the Basfoliar® Kelp tested in an experiment to evaluate the influence on the “Coulure effect” in a vineyard with 6800 vines/Ha planted in 2012.
Coulure is a French term for failed pollination of the grape blossoms. Called “shot berries” in English, this can have many causes (rain, cold, physiology) and has a significant affect on yields and the level of maturity of the grapes even within a single cluster. Some varieties, like Merlot, are highly susceptible to this condition, while others, like Cabernet Sauvignon, are not.
The results of the experiment showed that with the addition of Basfoliar® Avant Natur, new constituents are produced. The intensity of “coulure” dropped from 41,2% to 35,2% while combining Basfoliar® Avant Natur with Basfoliar® Kelp in a program the reduction reached 33%.
Basfoliar® Avant Natur contains 10.3% of free amino acids, directly assimilable by the plant, of which 50% are glutamic acid, allowing the :
– synthesis of other amino acids
– production of proteins
– stimulation of energy production
– stimulation of the cellular synthesis