Domaine Migas in Greece – Stress Management & customized plant nutrition supports the PGI wines

We had the pleasure to visit the Thessaly region of Greece where we met Mr. Dimitris Migas, Owner & Head of Κτήμα Δ. Μίγας / Domaine D. Migas shared with us his practices in the vineyards and his plans for the future in consideration of Climate Change.
Q: What’s your name and which region is this?
A: My name is Dimitris Migas. I’m a vine grower and wine producer and this is Tyrnavos, Thessaly region, Greece.
Q: Which grape varieties are mainly cultivated in Tyrnavos?
A: The main grape variety of Tyrnavos is called “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”, formerly known as “Muscat Hamburg”. It’s a red variety and we use it to produce white, rose and red wines both sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.
Q: What other types of wines does your winery produce?
A: We also produce a red variety called “Limniona” also a local (indigenous) variety from the Thessaly region, Greece. We produce international varieties as well, such as “Chardonnay”, “Sauvignon Blanc”, “Merlot”, “Syrah” and “Cabernet Sauvignon”.
Q: Has your winery won any awards/medals?
A: All our varieties and brands (labels) have received gold and silver medals. The local varieties have received GOLD medals!!!
Q: Now, regarding your vineyard and climate change. What are your thoughts and what will be your next steps?
A: Obviously climate change has had a major impact on vineyards, leading us to the implementation of new methods, like fertilization and watering.
– Now we also use underground irrigation systems in order to prevent weeds from growing.
– We also no longer use chemicals and have adopted organic farming practices such as weeders and soil stirring.
– We used the fertilization program of COMPO EXPERT Hellas for another year resulting in greater performance and improved product quality in this instance our “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”.
– We used granular, water-soluble, and liquid fertilizers and biostimulants of NovaTec®, Complesal®, Basfoliar® series, and Vitanica®.
– Our last application was that of TerraPlus® Ca Fluid with the Vitanica® Si (silicon) fertilizer in order to increase the elasticity οf the grape’s sκin as well as tolerance to stress caused by drought and heat that are common in our region.
Q: What is your relationship with local wine grapes growers? Are you in contact
in order to apply these techniques?
A: Our relationship is great. They’re young people. They attend our winery’s program
and our upcoming programs based on the impact of climate change.
Q: What is your vision for the region and what is your vision for “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”?
Α: Starting with the “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”, we want it to become more popular. Secondly, this region should be considered a vineyard with great potential in the production of “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”.