Basfoliar® Spyra SL Innovative biostimulant

Basfoliar® Spyra : avoiding heat stress in vineyards during summer.
Pedro Cabanita Regional Bio Crop Manager EMEA /Product & Crop Manager CompoExpert Spain, shares his experience from Portugal.
“….So we’re going to talk about the stress caused by the heat (since we’re in the northern hemisphere).
Νaturally, plants get stress both due to direct sun radiation in their leaves at this time of the year and in the fruits (grapes) but also due to the stress caused by the high temperatures.
So we’re going to talk about the new product that COMPO EXPERT has launched this year. It’s called Basfoliar® Spyra and it’s made out of microalgae and it has some very interesting characteristics because of its anti-stress components like vitamins, for example, that help the plant to overcome these stress episodes.
It also, has 6% of amino acids and these amino acids are energy for the plant and they help the plant to get a biostimulant effect with the application of this product.
Together with Basfoliar® Spyra, we can use some other products that normally in this time of the year such as Vitanica® Si that has silicon inside and products with potassium like Basfoliar® Fruit or Basfoliar® K….”