A Complete Organic Farming Portfolio

COMPO EXPERT Hellas has strived to provide farmers with a complete portfolio for organic farming. In 2020, Greece introduced the new line of products TerraPlus®.

• TerraPlus® Natura for basic and surface application
• TerraPlus® Solub, water soluble fertilizers
• TerraPlus® Fluid, liquid fertilizer & biostimulant

The product range is a solution not only for organic farming, but also for conventional practices.

The TerraPlus® Natura line is based entirely on organic raw materials. Farmers practicing organic agriculture covered successfully their crop’s needs in Nitrogen with TerraPlus Natura N 8-2-2. Thanks to its granulometry, it is more sensitive to humidity than a pellet, which allows a faster start of fertilizer release.

The high Potassium type, TerraPlus® Natura K 4-4-12 was also applied in a variety of crops like citrus, kiwi, vegetables. The organic matter of the TerraPlus improves soil properties, fertilizer absorption from the crops and the main fertilizer nutrients that crops need.The products of the TerraPlus® Natura range release nitrogen gradually, thanks to the bonding of nitrogen with organic matter.

TerraPlus® Natura NP 4-18 with high phosphorus content provides the crop with phosphorus and is especially useful as basic fertilization for root formation. Ideal for leafy vegetables and crops with high needs in phosphorus and organic matter.

“TerraPlus® Fluid was a great success in both the vegetables and the fruit trees segment” stated Ms. Sotiria Maroula Marketing Coordinator, R&D and Technical Advisor of COMPO EXPERT Hellas and continued “Its composition aided to the absorbance of nutrients from the soil, improved fruit setting and overall crop vigor”.

Additionally Mr. Konstantinos Vogiatzidis Technical Advisor of COMPO EXPERT Hellas reported : “Kiwi farmers in northern Greece found great use of TerraPlus® fluid for crop vigor and Feron (iron) absorption. Kiwis are very sensitive to iron deficiency. The fulvic and humic acids of TerraPlus® fluid aided the absorbance of iron and its utilization in the crop, boosted its growth during the vegetative phase with the high nitrogen and amino acids, improving greatly the performance of production”.