Olive.EXPERT Programme visits Italy

Olives and Olive Oil is in the DNA of the people around the world not only Mediterranean. Olive oil is not only health. It is culture, it is tradition, it is the economy, it is the environment.
Olives are one of the most extensively cultivated fruit crops in the world. They are cultivated in many regions of the world with Mediterranean climates, such as South Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia, California and in areas with temperate climates such as New Zealand and under irrigation in the Cuyo region in Argentina, which has a desert climate.
With Italy the largest importer/exporter and Spain the largest producer, the Mediterranean basin is considered to be the hub of olive oil production and related business.
For this reason a special training session was organized by COMPO EPXERT Italia for its key customers in Italy. Experts from Italy, Spain and Greece shared their knowledge and experiences with the audience as well as the integrated crop fertilization guide with COMPO EXPERT’s product line.
On top of that we had the pleasure to visit a olive oil mill of extra virgin olive oil
Lets enjoy some sweet photo memories from those events!