Let’s talk about Golf courses!

It is typical in early springtime to have a picture of golf courses with damages.
The temperatures are low, but the root development and the nutrient uptake has already started.
So, it is time for moderate nutrition with a special fertilizer such as FerroTop® with moderate Nitrogen amount but high Iron (Ferron), Magnesium and Potassium concentrations aiming to promote the initial recovering growth after the winter.
Dr Fritz Lord, Global Turf Manager of COMPO EXPERT Group recommends ” An early fertilization is important to bring the Golf Course in a good functional situation after winter. We have winter damages like disease infections with snow mold (Microdochium nivale) and some abiotic stress effects. It is crucial now to support photosynthesis, regenerative growth and greening up with two special products:
– Ferro Top® in a granulated form for quick greening without flush growth
– Vitanica® P3 a liquid NK fertilizer with seaweed extract for foliar application in high-quality turf grass in order to improve the overall turf health and appearance, especially in this stress situation”