#Innovative_Products_Series by Keys 2 My Crops Programme – NutriSeed Premium

#Innovative_Products_Series by Keys 2 My Crops Programme
#BIO_(Organic)_Farming in progress…….
Vincent Jacquin, from COMPO EXPERT France, visits Ranes town (#Orne_region) to meet Jean-Marc Boyard, operator of Grande Bruyere organic farm, as well as Hugo Lemenager, a farmer from Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer town where they work in two very different types of soil.
The reason was to discuss about wheat for bread use as well as a crop rotation.
Both they are familiar with NutriSeed® Premium product (www.compo-expert.com/products/nutriseed-premium) of COMPO EXPERT and its benefits in germination, the initial emergence, the tillering, and the nourish of the pants.
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