Grapes /Vineyerds Complete Nutrition Guide.

The advantage of a fertilizer company being present in many countries/markets around the world is that you can get a lot of knowledge from each country.
That is why we have prepared for you a series of nutrition guides for various crops.
Lets meet Pedro Cabanita of CompoExpert Spain sharing his experienece and suggestions on a compete vineyards fertilization programme.
“…From the bibliography, we have this nutrition planning, but we have to prove this, we have to be certain about this.
So, Rodrigo (Martins) and I mainly created a program which we applied experimentally and got the results we sought.
It’s important to say that everything is based on statistics and accurate results.
Some of the products used (#Fertilon®_Combi #Basfoliar® Boron, #Zitrilon®, #Basfoliar® Ca, #Avant_Natur, #Basfoliar® Kelp, Basfoliar® Fruit, Basfoliar® #Aktiv)
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