Fruit Trees 2021 season – Lets make a great START!

This is the time in northern hemisphere where the fruit trees are blooming! We have 3 noticeably short stages from bud breaking to flowering and then to vegetal developing.
Now It’s time for the Basfoliar® Kelp Bio SL in order:
– regulate the flowering process.
– reduce the abiotic stress.
– enhance the cell division and elongation.
– Improve the pollen grain germination.
What is the main strategy in this period?
The suggestions from our Experts in Spain and Portugal have as following:
– Bud braking stage: Bafoliar® Kelp Bio (0,3%) + Fertilon® Compi 1 (0,1%) +Vitanica® CuTan SL (0,15 – 0,2%)
– Flowering stage: Basfoliar® Kelp Bio SL (0,3%) +Solubor DF (0,1%)+ Basfoliar® Ca SL (0,4%)
– Vegetative stage: Basfoliar® Kelp Bio SL (0,3%) + Solubor DF (0,1%)+ Zitrilon (0,1%)
P.S. All the products must be applied via foliar application methods